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Tile are placed in ATLAS VTF Setting Bed with joint widths as narrow as 2 mm to
3 mm. The joint width is achieved by proper placement of straight edge or self-spacing tile. The floor is power grouted to provide smooth, consistent jointing throughout
the floor.

The finished floor is chemically resistant to food, byproducts and aggressive cleaning compounds. Its anti-microbial design and ease of clean-ability produce a sanitary floor for many years of service.

Benefits of Vitrified Tile and VTF System:

  • Tile are available in numerous surface finishes, colors, shapes and thicknesses

  • Excellent dimensional uniformity

  • Tile may incorporate a preformed spacer to allow for consistent self-spacing

  • Very low absorption (some classified impervious, ceramic or porcelain)

  • Extremely durable

  • Very dense, hard surface finish

  • Optimal aesthetics

Visit Atlas VTF System Website to learn more.
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