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The year 2022 marks 130 years of service for Atlas Minerals & Chemicals. And as we look back on our history with pride, we also look forward to the future with a spirit of enthusiasm. Today, Atlas is regarded as a leader in the field of corrosion-resistant construction materials, Epoxybond repair putties, industrial asphalts, and industrial specialty compounds. This recognition is based on a solid background including a number of industry “firsts” in the field of non-metallic, corrosion-resistant construction materials. The following provides an overview of our progress since 1892, as well as our commitment to the many challenges ahead.

Every Atlas product reflects its innovative spirit and century’s long experience — a unique combination of vision and capability that makes for a true industry leader.



Atlas was founded in Lincoln, N.J., by Maximillian F. Wirtz, who began grinding and selling red shale for coloring pigment.

1907 -

1907 Company expanded to manufacture a line of refractory cements composed of refractory clays.

1910 Atlas began manufacturing a hot-poured asphalt sewer joint compound known as G-K.

1917 Wirtz moved his operation to Mertztown, Berks County, to be near raw materials needed to meet production demands.

1930 Developed the first chemically plasticized hot-pur sulfur cement, called MINERALEAD.

1935 Introduced VITROBOND®, the first plasticized hot-pour sulfur cement for bonding brickwork used in pickling tanks. (This established direction for future growth in the field of controlling industrial corrosion.)

1936 Red shale acid-proof brick was developed with Belden Brick Company.

1937 Patented CARBO-KOREZ®, THE FIRST American chemical-resistant organic resin cement.

1937 First polyvinyl chloride-based coating, ZEROK, was patented.

1938 Patented NEOBON, the first neoprene coating.

Mid-1940’s Extensive research in resin chemistry (spurred by the industrial needs of our country during WWII). Also developed new construction methods for non-metallic corrosion-resistant construction materials including dual cement and modified dual cement systems. In addition, interlocking expansion joints for brick-lined tanks were developed.

1949 Introduced ALFANE, the first epoxy mortar in the U.S.

1950 -

1951 Developed VITROPLAST, the first polyester mortar for use in the construction of CIO2 towers in the pulp and paper industry.

1952 Developed FURNANE® System to protect food plant floors from acids, alkaline detergents, cleaning agents and corrosives.

1956 Acquired by the Industrial Group division of Electric Storage Battery Company, an international company manufacturing a variety of industrial and consumer products.

1956 Introduced REZKLAD® epoxy floor topping.

1964 Formed two new sales divisions (Consumer Products and Industrial OEM Products) geared toward marketing diversification.

1966 Developed FURATHANE®, the first high bond furan mortar.

1967 New product development laboratory designed to keep Atlas competitive and in the forefront of technology.

1968 Patented REZKLAD® epoxy emulsion concrete repair material.

1970 Introduced water washable grout for tile floors.

1976 Designed CHEMPRUF® lining systems for the protection of tanks and floors.

1978 Employees purchased the company from ESB.

1987 CHEMPRUF® 100 series of reinforced coatings added to product line.

1996 Introduced REZKLAD® HP (High Performance) Water Washable Grout, now known simply as REZKLAD® HP Grout.

1998 Developed ATLASTIC® 55 Sheet Membrane for industrial vessels.

2000 -

2000 Marketed ANCHOR-LOK®, a thermoplastic sheet lining system for concrete protection.

2004 Developed moisture-tolerant products Rezklad E-Concrete Primer MT, ATLAS GC Primer and Red Furnane Setting Bed MT for application on “green” and damp concrete.

2010 Formulated REZKLAD® E-Hi Build 115 C, a 100% carbon-filled, novolac epoxy coating.

2018 Originated REZKLAD® N STRUCTURAL GROUT, a novolac epoxy based pourable setting and grouting compound.  The self-leveling and flow characteristics make this material ideal for concrete and masonry structure repairs.

2020 Formulated ATLASTACRETE® SR, a novolac epoxy polymer concrete.  The system is ideal for pour-in-place and precast applications requiring optimal chemical resistance.

2021 Introduced EPOXYBOND® POOL PUTTY SINGLE STICK.  The smaller package sizes are ideal for DIY users and small repairs while complementing our industry leading POOL PUTTY tubes.​

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